Breaking News: I am proud, and extremely honored, to have been endorsed by the Ridgefield Education Association and the Ridgefield Classified (Employees) Association!  Check out my Endorsements tab for more information.

I live in the southeast corner of the Ridgefield School District in Mount Vista.  I have always wanted to set and be an example for my kids, and two of those core values I’ve wanted to instill is getting involved with our community and setting, and reaching, your goals.  It is this value of civic duty and community involvement that led me to decide to run for School Board Director for District 4.  As you will see when you read through my website, I have goals and priorities as your School Board Director, and I want to work with you, and other Board members, to reach these goals.  My desire is to increase community involvement and input in how our school district is run.  And, I want to make Ridgefield the BEST SCHOOL DISTRICT IN THE STATE.

Chuck Green, candidate for Ridgefield School District Board

Chuck Green, candidate for Ridgefield School District Board

Now, a little about me. I hold three degrees from the University of Michigan: a Bachelors and Masters of Engineering (Civil), and a “Certificate of Graduate Transportation Studies”, the first one issued by the University, which is an equivalent of a Masters in Transportation Engineering and Planning.

I’m a proud father of three: Josh, who is grown and lives on the east coast; Steve, who is attending DeVry University in Federal Way; and Jenn, who just graduated high school and will attend WSU-Vancouver this coming fall (so, she’ll be a “Couv-Coug”!)

I am married to Linda, God’s gift as my wonderful wife of two years after I spent 15 years as a single parent.  She has been my rock, my strong supporter, especially while losing my mom to a long-term illness two weeks before we got married.

Being a single parent has taught me a lot about responsibility, accountability, and gratitude.  I made a point to be active in my kids’ schools, whether helping as an aide, teaching traffic safety (my background is transportation engineering and planning), being a part of the PTA, or helping plan parties.  Sometimes it’s been a struggle, but a lot of times there have been rewards.  When the principal of Discovery Middle School announced during the end-of-school party to my daughter and her fellow students “congratulations, you are now high schoolers,” emotions overwhelmed me.  We’ve done it!  All of my kids have now made it to or through high school, and all of them have been good and hard-studying students.

My day job is working for C-TRAN.  Some of you may have heard about the Fourth Plain Bus Rapid Transit project.  I am the Bus Rapid Transit project manager.  So, I know a little about buses and getting lots of people not only to and from the bus, but also working with the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver School District, Clark College, and neighborhoods about partnering on projects to improve safety and security for everyone, not just transit riders.

I also have made it a point to involve, and listen to, all sides of this project.  Yes, it has both supporters and detractors.  And, yes, it hasn’t been without controversy.  But I can tell you this: we have a much better project now, compared to when I first started with C-TRAN and picked up the project in January 2011, because I’ve worked to involve all ideas and address all issues, pro and con.  And be transparent in doing so.

Many of those originally involved with the project that were opponents have now become major supporters.  My original goals were to develop a project that addressed the real problems, fit the needs of all users without causing problems for businesses along Fourth Plain, reduce project costs to a point where the project can be done without raising taxes, and as an added challenge, find a project that saves C-TRAN money in the long run in operating costs.

And, by getting collaboration from all sides, look what we’ve done: we’ve reduced capital costs by over a third, we’ve found enough cost savings that when built, the Fourth Plain BRT project will save C-TRAN almost $900,000 a year in operating costs compared to what we’re spending now, and the project can be done without raising taxes.  All because of collaboration and innovation.

My engineering background and willingness to explore all ideas, and engage all views and opinions, is what I bring to the table.  We passed the tax levy this past February.  I believe we can keep Ridgefield Schools healthy, safe and growing without a tax increase.  If elected, I’d like to work with staff, parents, and even those who don’t have kids in Ridgefield Schools to find ways to stretch our existing tax dollars without a tax increase.  I am currently doing my “homework” during the campaign to come up with some ideas, which I will post in this website over the next few months.

I also propose to hold District 4 town halls at least once a year, before budget time, to find out what keeps you up at night, what ideas you have to resolve issues and improve the school district, or even just chat and get to know each other.

So, there you are, a little about me and what I plan to do.  But there will be more, plenty more.

Please vote for me, Chuck Green, this November for Ridgefield School Director, District 4.

Thank you!

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